All Mossyrock Council meetings are set for the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Mossyrock Community Center. Meetings start at 6pm.

 CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS                                          PLANNING COMMISSION
 Position #1 ~ Craig Byrum Marcia Manley ~ Chairperson
 Position #2 ~ Beatrice "Bea" Minnear  Mitch Henning ~ Member
 Position #3 ~ Shannon Mcarron Dean Guyer ~ Member
 Position #4 ~Juliana Simon Tonya Schwabe ~ Member
 Position #5 ~ Teresa Quinlan Damon Stevens ~ Member
 Mayor  ~  Randall Sasser

If you would like to be placed on the agenda for a Council Meeting, please contact:

Mayor Randall Sasser by e-mail: [email protected]  or City Treasurer by email: [email protected] listing your name, the date you would like to be placed on the agenda, and the reason for the request. Requests must be at least 1 week in advance of the council meeting.

The City uses the Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor is the administrator while the Council legislates, decides the budget with the Mayor’s and Treasurer’s input, and votes on all significant expenditures.

The monthly Council Meeting is the forum for updates on City actions, citizen input, Planning Commission recommendations, and Council deliberation. The Mayor and Council serve elected four-year terms and are nominally paid for the Council Meeting.




Planning Commission will be holding their meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Meetings are held at the Mossyrock Community Center  219 E. State St.

Please contact City Hall 360-983-3600  or by email: [email protected] at least 7 days prior to scheduled meeting, if you wish to be added to the agenda.


City of Mossyrock, Lewis County, Washington for the 8th day of April, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., in the Community Center, 219 E State St, Mossyrock, WA 98564, at which time any person interested may appear and be heard in said matter. Aldrich Rd. Public Hearing Notice for Paper 3-12-2021


The City of Mossyrock is seeking qualification statements from Professional Engineering firms with experience providing design services, up to and possibly including: roadway, water, stormwater, sewer, electrical, and structure design; surveying; geotechnical investigation, studies and services; permitting; right of way acquisition; as well as the creation of plans, specifications, and estimates; construction management, and construction engineering services; general civil engineering; comprehensive and land use planning services; and assistance with grant/loan applications and administration. 2021 RFQ - Engineering


State to consider using Centralia's Lakeview Inn to host COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Facility. Although not approved as of yet, the Mayor of Mossyrock, Mr. Randall Sasser is not in favor of this move and does not approve. He thinks this will increase the numbers here in Lewis County and force us backwards instead of moving forward. If you have an opinion and would like to be heard, please call the Centralia City Clerk, Deena Bilodeau at (360) 330-7670 to voice your opinion, or attend their meeting tomorrow night, May 11th, which is scheduled for 7 pm. They have limited seating.